When Is “The Witcher” Season 1 Going To Release On Netflix, Spoilers, Official Release Date, Plot And Everything You Should Know

Henry Cavill talks about The Witcher Season 2 Production Updates, Release date and More

“The Witcher” is a Netflix original series. It’s based upon the novel of the same name which is a fantasy-horror novel by Andrzej Sapkowski. There is such a huge fan base for the novel so, the release of the series is one of the much-awaited in Netflix history.

It is so obvious that Netflix has placed so much confidence in the series by renewing it for the second even before the release of the first season. The first season is currently streaming on Netflix now.

Official Release Date

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Some regions across the world may experience a delay in the release of the series due to winter across the Northern Hemisphere. Netflix mostly releases all of its titles at midnight according to the Pacific Standard Time. The time may vary according to the time zone of a particular country.

Plot Spoilers!

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The plot does not differ much from that of the novel. It is a story of a monster hunter who struggles to keep up surrounded by people backstabbing him and proving them to be wicked than beasts. He’s then lead by destiny towards his ultimate goal. There will not be anything surprising for those who have already read the novel.

Since the story is the same as the novel it could only be expected with some twists and not many changes in the plot. The main character “Geralt” is played by Henry Cavill. Geralt is a mutated human being and a witcher searching for his home. The story mostly is related to the thought process of Geralt and his experiences.

The other important thing to be noted is dummying the real monsters he encounters and placing the inner monsters before them as a real threat.

Will The Cast Be Changed In The Future?

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The amount of faith Netflix has in this series is enormous and it is a doubt that any of the crew members would be changed in the upcoming episodes and seasons. Fans of the book were first upset by the casting of Cavill for Geralt’s role but soon were pacified by his skills and has recently earned a good amount of audience for the series.

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