Did Rio Die In Good Girls Season 3, When Is It Releasing, Who Are In The Cast, Plot Details And Everything You Must Know

Netflix is the only platform promoting all sorts of genres for its viewers. Well it’s again back with new series of Old but popular show Good Girls. 

Well if You’re Perfectly free this New Year and rely on Netflix for Entertainment then you can probably give a try to this series.

Launch Date And Sources

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As per the Sources, Season 3 of Good Girls will be aired around February or March or may be little later.

Will Rio Die?

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Keeping the critics away, but Rio is our boy. Well they can’t remove his identity/ existence very easily. Rio, played by Manny Montana, in previous season hinted death. Presently it is unclear to predict.

Season 3 Star Cast

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  •  Christina  Hendricks as Elizabeth “Beth” Boland  a mother of four and housewife, who gotta cheated by her car salesman husband
  • Retta as Ruby Hill, a struggling waitress working for her daughter’s kidney disease
  • Mae Waterman as Annie Marks, Beth’s younger sister and mother of Sadie.
  • Reno Wilson as Stanley Hill, Ruby’s mall-cop-turned-actual-cop husband
  • Manny Montana as Christopher, also known as Rio, a high ranking criminal who has a money laundering business
  • Lidya Jewett as Sara Hill, Ruby’s and Stan’s daughter who has kidney disease.
  • Isaiah Stannard as Sadie Marks, Annie’s and Gregg’s son who is bullied.
  • Matthew Lillard as Dean Boland, Beth’s cheating car salesman husband.



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