What’s New In Outlander Season 5, Official Release Date, Cast, Plot, Latest Fan Theories And What Will Happen To Murtagh?

Outlander has been a popular T.V. series since 2014 and has now come up with it’s fifth season. It can be categorized under romance and thriller T.V. shows. It’s a time travelling story of a 20th century wife who is a nurse her 18th century husband who is a warrior. The story is of a woman in the 20th century who is a nurse and her husband who lives back in the 18th century and is a warrior. Needless to say, the show has a lot of time travelling, back and forth between the centuries.

Release Date

The fifth season of Outlander will be released on February 16th, 2020.


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It is expected that Paul Gorman will play Josiah and Bronwyn James will play Kezzie Beardsley. It will also star Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan along with the Beardsley twins.


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It is based on the fifth book of the Outlander series, Fiery Cross. The book talks about the efforts made by Jamie in order to protect his family and to build a community on Fraser’s Ridge.

Will Murtagh Live?

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The character of Murtagh was destined to death in the book series of Outlander a long time back. Presently, fans seem to be predicting his death in the upcoming season of the T.V. series. However, we haven’t been given a concrete statement on Murtagh’s fate by any of the cast members or producers yet.

Outlander has had a tremendous influx of fans which has steadily grown in the upcoming years. Everyone seems to be hyped about the new season of this exciting TV series and we’re definitely on the same page!


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