When Is Better Call Saul Is Going To Release, Who Are In The Cast (Spoilers), Is It The Final Season, Plot And Everything You Should Know

Here’s some good news for Saul Goodman fans! It has been confirmed by AMC, “Better Call Saul” will return for its Season Five. As reported, AMC is thinking of releasing a teaser for the show around 23 February, 2020. You can also see the first two episodes on the US network on the same day.

There is a question arising in minds of the fans, will there be a return of “Bob Odenkirk” or not? And here’s another good news, Bob Odenkirk will return on the show. Along with him, there will be Jimmy McGill, whose journey of becoming Saul Goodman will follow the climatic events of Season Four.

Release Date

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The announcement made by AMC could disappoint the fans who expect the arrival of the season early this year. President of AMC, Sarah Barnett announced that Season 5 will delay because they lack sufficient talent.

The show aired on Netflix (UK) with its new episodes after one day of it airing in the US. It will be the same for Season 5, taking a while to air in the US. As per the latest reports, the release date of the show is scheduled for 23rd Feb 2020.

What Can We Expect To See

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The conversion of Jimmy to Saul, the beloved character from the popular web series  Breaking Bad will be present in Better Call Saul. We saw Season 4 doing a crossover with characters like Gus Fring and the prequel contained scenes which were taken from the era of Breaking Bad.

Gillian revealed that their plot is based on Breaking Bad guidelines. It will bring us into the territory of Walter White a.k.a Heisenberg and his region before the arrival of Season 4.

Cast For Season 5

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As confirmed by the AMC, we will see Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, Giancarlo Esposito, Laura Fraser and Mark Margolis. We will also see Daniel, Luis Moncada, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul return in the Season 5.

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