Amazon Prime’s The Grand Tour Season 5 Release Date, And Things You Really Need To Know

The Grand Tour season five has been irresistible since producer Andy Wilman announced on Instagram about the show. It would be appointing up for two more years.

Release Date:

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Well, you will be enjoying new episodes of The Grand Tour in the winter months. The show has previously landed in November, December, January, then December again. According to the news, half of the filming is left to be done which means fans can await one or two more seasons of The Grand Tour to follow!


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There has been no information released about where The Grand Tour Gang will be proceeding next. Well, you might want to follow Clarkson et al on social media for particular updates from the filming. Given the previous season’s focus on Asia, despite, it might be legitimate to consider that season 5 will take the team abroad. Clarkson will necessarily be returning. Hammond and May are also believing to be seen at Clarkson’s side, spreading the collaboration that has been in place since the early days of Top Gear.

Who will appear in The Grand Tour Season 5?

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“I’ve been watching it regularly since we stopped,” James May told Digital Spy. “It’s nice to watch Top Gear when you’re not on it, which I haven’t done for 13 years.”

May believes the current Top Gear line-up works “quite well,” but he added: “Occasionally, it feels a bit forced. The trio is the show – so expect them to return after having truck-loads of cash dumped on their respective lawns.
It seems wherever Clarkson, May, and Hammond go, controversy follows, and The Grand Tour had its a fair share of an estimate. Let us hope the boys manage to get through the next series without upsetting anyone. Until then, you can enjoy the most recent ad, and bookmark this page for all the latest exclusive news, sensation, and updates regarding the series.

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