Netflix Originals Dark Season 3 Official Release Date, Who Are In The Cast, Plot, Is Martha Stil Alive Or Not, Details Inside?

Netflix has been streaming its popular TV show, Dark and now its the time for Season 3  which is going to be the last season. It is a German Sci-Fi series, using the concept of time travel.

Release Date

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The expected date could be very near but it is not specified yet. The filming may take several weeks.


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Louis Hofmann as Jonas, Lisa Vicari as Martha, Moritz Jahn as Magnus, Paul Lux as Bartosz, Andreas Pietschmann as 2052 Jonas and Gina Stiebitz as Franziska Doppler.


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A time travel concept with elements of thriller, romance and adventure. The story is about the two alternate worlds within, signifying two alternate realities. Here, in this season, it will be explained where the player went and how it will affect the rest of the narrative characters.

Is Martha Still Alive

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It is the last season of the TV show and yes, we are expecting a comeback. We may be able to see Martha in this season.


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