Spoiler Alert, Aquaman 2 Expected Release Date, Cast, Plot, Latest Fan Theories, Details Inside

DC’s Aquaman starring Jason Mamoa has now made it official that its sequel Aquaman 2 will be released soon.

Expected Release Date

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The expected release date for Aquaman 2 is on the 16th of December, 2022. 2022 is quite far away but Warner Bros has also said that they will be making a spinoff of the same (The Trench) and it will be released before the second movie, accounting for the events after Aquaman 1. 


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The characters from the first part, Jason Mamoa and Amber Heard are expected to continue as Arthur and Mera. It is also stated that the villain, Yahya Abdul as Black Manta is also expected to return. 


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The exact story is yet to be verified because of the release date being very far away.

The director dropped a lot of hints regarding Black Manta, who seems to be an integral part of the sequel.

Hint: The Black Manta was rescued and is recovering for its return.


Latest Fan Theories

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Warner Bros recently released a statement and confirmed that Aquaman will soon be connected to the other existing DC super hits like Justice League and Batman vs Superman.

It was also collected from various sources (not-confirmed) that Black Manta is part-Atlantean.

Other Details

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The work of the sequel has already begun and the studio is also developing the horror spinoff, The Trench. 

Sadly, Jason Mamoa has to take rest from the shoot because of an accident so it may be quite some time before we get to hear of more updates from Aquaman 2. 

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