[Spoilers] Marvel Has Planned To Give Thor A Massive Upgrade Charactership To This Year In 2020, Here Are The Details

Marvel Comics has just arrived with a brand new volume of THOR. Donny Cates (the writer) and Nic Klein (the artist) sketches a fresh path for Thunder God, including his apparel. 2020 brings you the new Thor with more power and stability than ever. 


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Thor #1 takes up in the sequel of King Thor. Thor now takes the throne and crown, Rules the kingdom, becoming the new emperor of Asgard. However, the same obstacles are again right in front of him. He finds frustrated in ruling the kingdom and dealing the politics. And day by day, his Mjolnir becomes heavier to raise. This secret only hits Loki among the other Asgardians. 


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However, Thor again is struck with what Galactus has bought him crashing into the city. Galactus has come to Thor seeking Help. “The great black winter,” he says and goes numb. 

Thor gets on the mission of discovering Galactus’ history and about the evil Black Winter who was even responsible for the destroying of the jewels of MCU.  surfer also gives Thor a solution. He advises him to bring back Galactus and allow him to absorb the energies in the five hidden worlds of incredible power to grow even more powerful. 

Asgard now turns into a battle mode. Galactus gets back and reveals the black winter. After a cosmic plague that shows Galactus himself to be dying in the hands of Thor. Now the readers are aware of his visit to Asgard. He then pours on Thor a massive blast to overcome his mortality. 

Overcoming the blast, the god of thunder turns into the latest herald of Galactus. And this is where the comic takes a turn, giving Thor his new apparel and the power cosmic compels him the most powerful in the complete marvel universe. The blast also bought him his eye and left arm, which he lost at the path of Aaron’s run.

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