What Star Wars Revealed About Han Solo, Official Announcement About The Galaxy’s Best Smuggler, Read Full Story Here?

Star Wars is actually a film written and directed by George Lucas in 1977. The franchise was later extended to other films, television series, comics, novels, games and etc.

Who Is Han Solo?

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The first space-opera movie was about the civil war between Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire. Han Solo was first introduced in this movie. He was hired by Obi-Wan and Luke to take them to Alderaan. Han Solo was the captain of the Millennium Falcon spaceship with Chewbacca as it’s co-pilot.

He is first hired by Obi-Wan and Luke. Later he and Chewbacca decide to join the Rebels in their war against the Galactic Empire. Han soon rises to become the chief of the Alliance and the best smuggler of all times. Han Solo, the captain of the Millennium Falcon, grew from the poverty-stricken, mean streets of Corellia background to be one of the heroes of the Rebel Alliance.

Han Solo’s Reputation As The Best Smuggler

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Han is so far considered to be the best smuggler in the world. He would be the best choice if you ever want to make an impossible mission possible. Each and every loophole would be his target to shatter a system and make things work.

Since the movie Star Wars: A New Hope hit the theatres in 1977, Han Solo’s name was etched in the audiences’ mind as the best smuggler of all time.

A Better Smuggler Than Han

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The new Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker has now revealed an even better smuggler than Han Solo.  The Star Wars: Empire Ascendant has introduced Beilert Valance, a human male with half robotic features, as a smuggler excelling Han Solo. Valances’ family was under slavery until the Galactic Empire saved them. He strongly believed that the Empire was the reason for their freedom and decided to venture the stars as he grew up.

He worked alongside Han Solo but both ended up in a fight. His half-machine body was a result of the injuries occurred to him while he was deployed at Mimban during the battle. He then turned out to be a Bounty hunter. He was not on any side but would work for anyone who pays him.

He, later on, took up a job from Han Solo to deliver Engineer Vharn and schematics for a shield generator to the rebellion. Though he and Han had got into a fight his skills and scrutiny excelled Han most of the time. He regretted killing Vharn for his treachery and donated half his pay to Vharn’s family. The best ever smuggler had a soft corner in his heart. Even Han would not be so kind and would be impressed by his act.

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