When Is Black Mirror Season 6 Coming On Netflix, Release Date, Cast, Plot And Other Details You Should Know

Black Mirror, a Sci-Fi anthology series, is one of the best shows of Netflix. It shows how technology affects the personal lives and behavior of a group of people.  Its Fifth Season was launched in June 2019. And once more, the viewers have been eagerly hoping for Netflix to release the sixth season.

The show has been ongoing for seven years. It has a very engaging story line which keeps viewers captivated.

The Return Of Black Mirror

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It is not quite possible to guess the accurate release date of the new season, however, six episodes can be expected to go on air by mid 2020. Each episode is standalone and not connected to others. However, there are rumors that Season 6 could showcase that every episode till date is possibly connected.

Cast: Old Or New?

Every season of Black Mirror has a whole new cast, so that cast of Season 6 is yet to be released. With prominent actors such as Miley Cyrus, Anthony Mackie, and Bryce Dallas Howard being a part of the series, the next season is expected to bring some big names along.

The Content

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The show has focused on the relationship between technology and people. Jones says that the season will have the same element as the previous ones and the essence of the show remains the same. It is not quite possible to know what the story of the new episodes of this season are just yet.

On being asked about the further seasons, Jones said that it would be nice to do more as there are certainly more ideas.

Things definitely seem to look good for the future of Black Mirror.


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