When Is Dead To Me Season 2 Is Coming On Netflix, Expected Release Date, Who Are In The Cast, Plot, Who Killed Steve, Read Full Story Here?

Dead to me is an American black comedy TV series which was premiered on the 3rd of May of 2019 and is already planning on releasing its second season.

The good news is that this part will also be premiered on Netflix. It was made official in June of 2019 itself that the sequel will release in 2020.

Expected Release Date:

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The exact date of release is not yet official but the filmmakers have already filmed most of the part and it is said to be released in the summers (May-June) of 2020.

Cast Members:

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Good news for the fans, most of the main characters are still the same as the first part, we can still witness Christina Applegate as Jen and Linda Cardellini as Judy. However, a new character of Natalie Morales as Michelle will be present.

We will also get to see Max Jenkin as Charlie and Dina Maria as Ana Parez same as the first part.


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The first season revolved around the murder of Steve and ended with a cliffhanger and in the second part, it will be taking a new twist. Although to predict who committed the crime is not possible.

Who Killed Steve?

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Who could it be is still a debatable topic for the fans as the end of the season left suspense for us to guess? However, without watching the second it is not possible to conclude or confirm who killed Steve.

It could be Jen, Nick or even Charlie.


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