Why Kate Hudson Isn’t Impressed With Her Post Holiday Weight Gain, Reveals Her Exact Weight, See Full Coverage Here

The famous actress and designer, Kate Hudson from ‘Almost Famous’ has revealed in her recent Instagram stories that she is not too happy with her weight gain after the holiday season.

This holiday season had been a treat to the actress like it would be for anyone else, munching treats and lots of sweets. But the result is not acceptable for anyone and Kate is not an exception to this.

Kate’s History With Weight Loss

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Kate had been the ambassador for Weight Watchers since December 2018. Their program helped her a lot in losing weight in months time after her first childbirth. She also mentioned thanks to the Weight Watchers community for keeping a track of her weight and keeping her focused on her healthy lifestyle.

Kate’s concern is not all about weight. It has always been about leading a healthy lifestyle. She also says that she is still lean and the extra weight added up to 5lbs could be water and weight in muscle is a happy number.

What Does She Have To Say

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She does not mind the weight gain but did not expect it actually and mostly is not impressed with it. Being a mom in the forties someone can not be more healthy and conscious about leading a healthy lifestyle.

Kate mentioned in an interview that “What I’ve learned and what I’m learning is that I’m doing the best I can”. This may sound energetic for a mom but it actually is. If living an active and healthy lifestyle and being the best mom can not be goals for the year then no one can truly define what they are.

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