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Report: How Tony Stark Knew To Travel In The 1970’s, Avengers Endgame Script Revealed, Read Here


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Avengers Endgame , consisting of several untold stories within that just arrived online last month symbolises that there was a major plot that remained suspense in itself.

Tony’s Time Travel

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Thereby, as part of time Iron Man, Ant Man and Heist were ready to take up the Space Stone from New York 2012, but due to some problems arising with the involvement of the Hulk and flight of stairs, the planning went wrong and thereby Loki escapes out. But Tony knows that he and Captain America can go and carry out the stone.

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There destination is Camp Lehigh , a S.H.I.E.L.D base and Captain’s old stomping ground in 1970. At the end we won’t be getting of why Tony is so sure of the time and date itself. This very thing makes the viewers think about it.

Must Know

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A clip to remember: Pepper reading on the sofa in the Stark cabin before Tony reveals the news to his wife and according to the plot there has to be some old photos.

Those three emboldened names all appear in the Camp Lehigh scenes.

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