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[Spoilers Alert] Mark Ruffalo Insists Marvel Comics To Announce A Transgender Character To Comics, See Full Coverage Here

There has been news from Kevin Feige himself, that transgender characters will be introduced to the MCU and are a part of a film shooting recently already.

Current Talks

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Mark Ruffalo along with Feige both emphasized their support for improving the diversity in the MCU industry, which is actually a noble cause.

Mark’s Support

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It’s being assumed that transgender casting will be there in the very next movie, maybe in Thor: Love And Thunder, where Mark Ruffalo is in support of the decision and has a long history of promoting equality in diversity through social media.

It is also said that in the next movies there will be a female director in Eternals and Black Widow. Falcon and Loki have female directors.

Fans’ Reaction

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Some criticism persists but many of them are supporting this progressive cause and Ruffalo himself thanked fans for this.


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We will get to know about the transgender characters in Marvel, along with a presence of two gay couples. Introducing the LGBTQA+ community to the comics and movies is a great way to raise awareness and acceptance among the youth.

These movies and comics have a large audience of children and normalizing such concepts to children would definitely bring up a more accepting and loving generation of kids.

This is a great step up taken by Feige for improving diversity in the industry.


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