Spoilers Revealed The Serial Killer In The Alienist Season 2, When On Netflix, Read Here

Netflix is preparing for us the second of its American drama series The Alienist. The Alienist is based on a famous novel of the same name by Caleb Carr and was released on 21st January 2018 on TNT.


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The story revolves around dark mystical matters and people practicing and performing such art.

In the first season, the story depicts the incidents of history where it not only shows a series of murders but also the downfall of the economy because of male prostitutes.

When On Netflix:

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The idea of starting the shoot for the second season, first popped in May of 2019 and was made official by TNT which is now set to be released in the year 2020.

The Serial Killer In The Alienist Season 2:

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The Alienist has a face, revealed for the release as the previous season had raised mystery and questions regarding the upcoming season. Although the mystery lasted a long time it’s now expected to release the face also the same theory can be stated for the novel.

The creators are equally excited to announce the name and reveal the face as the viewers are in knowing the answers

However, to date, no name has been confirmed yet.

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