Amazing Thor 4 Love And Thunder First Look And Teaser, Expectations, Release Date, Cast Details, Villains, Is There Any Crossover With Endgame

Marvel has always been seen to bring in movies that causes the fans to love it more and more. And this time the movie itself is about love as the title of the movie already implies towards it “Thor: Love and Thunder”. The God of Thunder is now back with his all new movie to hit us straight into our hearts.

Release Date

The movie is expected to be coming out on 5th November, 2021.


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Thor: Love and Thunder is undoubtedly a post-Endgame story and so we can expect the cast of the Avengers; Endgame to be seen in the movie. With Natalie Portman playing Jane Foster, fans have already come to the conclusion as to who might be the Queen of Asgard.

Moreover, fans will be thrilled to know that “Thor: Love and Thunder” will be introducing female Thor for the first time. She is actually called the Mighty Thor and will be played by none other than Natalie Portman. Thus, this movie will definitely be full of thunder and love.


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This movie is also said to be the fifth phase in the Avengers sequence. With how things ended in Endgame, we might as well expect a new group of Avengers being formed to come forward and save the earth.

Chris Hemsworth will again be seen rocking as the God of Thunder and it has also been said that Tessa Thompson will be back in the movie as Valkyrie. There has been no announcements on the addition of any new cast however with the turn of events in Endgame we may as well expect new casts.

Apart from these, nothing much is known about the movie. The script is yet to be completed and we still have almost 2 years of time before the movie comes up in the theaters. However, nothing less is expected of Marvel and hence we are sure to find something exciting in this new movie.

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