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Kim Kardashian Finally Shows Her Fridges After Fans Mocked Her To Exist On Air, See Full Coverage Here


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Kim Kardashian gives a peek of her fully stuffed fridge after being mocked due to posting a picture on Instagram showing nearly empty fridge.

Kim’s Instagram Picture

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While Kim was showing off her cotton plunge bralette and cotton rib briefs but seemingly her fans were more interested in the fridge which was nearly empty and made comments on her post, one of her fan commented on her picture, “I see nothing in the fridge that reflects a family with 4 kids haha! I just can’t relate, Sorry.”

How Did Kim React

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Source: mirror.co.uk

The 39 years old model and actress did not reply in comments but her next picture showing her brimful fridges was definitely an answer to the mockers.

The reality star who turned vegan last year revealed that she has several fridges in her pantry. In the video she first went on to show her exclusive fridge only for liquid and showing off at least six different kinds of milk stating. “All my kids use a different kind of milk”.

Kim’s Numerous Fridges

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Source: justjared.com

She then went on to give a look to her kitchen where her food is prepared but did not introduce her chef, as her chef seemed to go away from the eye of camera.

She proceeded to show the next fridge in which only fresh and organic food is kept. While the other fridge was dedicated to cheese, two cartons of Horizon milk, a carton of Organic Valley, a carton of Oat Yeah and Califa coffee creamer along with a frozen yogurt machine.

The fridge was full of fresh veggies and fresh fruits.
At the end of her video she said, “It did look like an empty [re]fridgerator that I took the photo in front of, I have to admit.’

We can see, Kim using Countertop Nugget Ice Maker for quicker ice making process that otherwise take more than 20-30 minutes in her fridge or refrigerator. While exploring deep, we found that, 10decors.com is listed the best nugget ice maker machines with detailed reviews.

After this tour finished it was evident that her trollers were completely shocked and stirred and instead they started commenting on her video, “Kim kardashian’s fridge is basically an entire house’’.

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