Spoilers Reported About Who Is Doctor Who: Timeless Child, Mystery Revealed, What Will Happen In The Next Season

Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who did not fall well to create mysteries, but there was one plot that created the mystery in the episode- Who or what is the Timeless Child?  

The Mystery That Remains

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Questions arose after the second episode of Whittaker’s The Ghost Monument got aired on BBC. We saw the terrifying bandage-like monsters, The Remnants, hinted that the name has referred to some dark secret from the Doctor’s past.

 “We see deeper though, further back,” they whispered.

“The Timeless Child, we see what’s hidden, even from yourself. The outcast, abandoned and unknown.”

After the coming up of the name The Timeless Child, it has created an interesting plot for the series.

Will We Get Our Answers?

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Maybe the mystery could be about to be solved at least according to the showrunner Chris Chibnall. 

 In an interview, he was very cozy about being asked about mentioning the character in its new series.

“I don’t know… OK, I do know,”

“You know, these are always good questions to be asking.”

Based on the description of Doctor Who It can be made as to the conclusion that the Doctor itself is the mysterious Timeless child or the Time Lord or any other alien that we will know later or sooner.

Furthermore, comments which were made by the showrunner, which showed that the doctor had to lots of challenges in the upcoming series.

Further adding to the comments, he said,” I think this Doctor goes into different territories this year. But also she’s faced with very different challenges, and they’re some very very big challenges this year.

“You’ll see the Doctor have to face down some big… things,”

“And that, by necessity, takes Jodie’s Doctor into territory we haven’t seen her in before.”




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