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The Whole Truth Behind Dating Rumors Of Dog The Bounty Hunter With His Girlfriend After Death Of His Wife, Here You Need To Know?

Duane Chapman aka Dog The Bounty Hunter has sparked rumors of dating Moon Angell.
Duane’s wife Beth Chapman died last year on June 26 after battling throat cancer for more than 2 years. Since then Duane’s increased closeness with his old friend Angell is catching the eye of people.

Angell moon has been an old family friend to Chapman’s family and shared a very good bond with Duane’s wife Beth too.

His Daughter’s Reaction

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Reportedly when he posted a picture of himself posing with Moon, his daughter tweeted, “If you went to your mother’s closet and saw she moved all her clothes and replaced them with her own, what would you do? #ItsNotWhenOrWhyItsWho,” and also addressed her father as a “ GROWN ASS MAN”.

Not just she sparkled some cuss words for Duane but for Angell she said, “If someone who met your family by dating your brother tried to date your father after your step- mom died what would you do?

Duane’s Daughter’s Claim

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Source: Yahoo

She claimed that Angell was once in a relationship with her brother and now after her mother’s death, Moon is dating her father. Her brother has not said anything against this.
But later on she ended up saying, “His money, His dynasty”

However after a while she removed all her comment on her father’s post.

Apparently Duane has denied all the dating rumors by stating, “There will never be another Mrs. Dog,”

On his relationship with Angell Moon he has given clarification that Moon is his dear friend from past many years and to survive this hard time when he is lone , she is just helping to cope up with the bad times.
In January he said, “I have to find a way to move on. I’m so lonely right now

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