Kristen Bell Won The Championship For Women Empowerment At Critics Choice Awards 2020, Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Frozen 2, voice actress Kristen Bell, who plays Disney Princess Anna, was presented with the #SeeHer Award at Critics Choice Awards 2020. Kristen Bell has been known for defending authentic portrayals of women on screen and has been presenting them in shows like The Good Place, Momsplaining, Veronica Mars and more.

Her Powerful Speech

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Kristen has presented the special award for pushing the boundaries and changing the women’s institutions. After accepting the award, throughout her speech, Bell confessed she is commonly asked: “What will it mean to be a lady today?” She went onto share, whereas her immediate reaction is often to answer with words like ‘strong’ and ‘brave’ and ‘powerful’, “But If I am being honest, to me, being robust or being powerful. It isn’t concerning being something specific.”

“It’s around giving yourself permission to be the particular things that you are that looks terribly simple, however, it’s not. Because ladies are conditioned to suit into boxes; sometimes little, pretty, sparkly boxes which bow on them generally,” she then explained the thought to her means that being herself, “So to me, the thought of womanhood is someone who sheds the proper very little box and owns their complexness.”
Kristen all over the speech expressed,” What I’ve learned from all that is that nobody is just one thing. We are all things.”

Kristen’s Outfit

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Bell was seen sporting a neon green pantsuit on the red carpet with a cape. She conjointly shared a couple of BTS videos on her Instagram profile, Kristen was seating together with her the nice place costars and gave the impression to have had a decent time.

The award within the earlier years had been bestowed to actresses like Gal Gadot, Viola Davis and Claire Foy.

Whereas receiving the award Kristen joked, “This is that the fourth year that the #SeeHer has been given out and also the different three were human spirits Viola Davis, Wonder Woman(Gal Gadot), and the Queen (Claire Foy). And I guess, now me, the lady, who cried at the sloth. Thus this has clearly been an enormous mistake, however, I will be able to arise here and hold this till somebody tells me this belongs to moonlight.”

Kristen’s Contributions

Kristen who is also known as an activist became the first global advocate for the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund last year. She has conjointly been operating towards ever-changing stereotypes of mothers and motherly figures with Momsplaining, a show made by Ellen Degeneres. Critics Choice Awards 2020 succeeded on Sunday night in Los Angeles. Taye Diggs hosted the awards for the second successive year.

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