‘Single Parents’ Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, News And Everything You Need To Know About The Family Sitcom.

“Single Parents” listening to this term feels depressing or being a hard responsibility to fulfill. Elizabeth Meriwether and J.J. Philbin created an American television series named Single Parents on September 26, 2018, which changed the concept of Single Parents. The show came up with its first season having 23 episodes on ABC.

The show is said to be having comedy gestures and plot making this term to be interesting.

Release Date

Single Parents had come up with its second season premiered on September 25, 2019, having 14 episodes making it a total of 37 episodes. Till date 12th episode “Welcome to Hilltop!” has been aired on January 15, 2020. Season 2 last episode named “Yarn and Pebbles” is expected to be premiered on January 29,2020. 


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The story is about Will Cooper, a separated from the man in his 30s, who gives specific consideration to bringing up his girl. In all the child-rearing needs, he has neglected to carry on with his own life, losing the feeling of who he is as a man. No sooner do the other single guardians understand the pickle he has fallen into, they get set to assist him with a trip of the circumstance. 

The gathering of single guardians devise an arrangement to get Will out of the tumultuous universe of PTA, child-rearing, and princesses and brings him into the dating range. Gradually, they assist him with the understanding that parenthood doesn’t mean yielding one’s personality. Be that as it may, does he learn, and how fruitful would he say he is in halting himself getting put resources into his little girl’s life?


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The lead role Will is being played by Taran Killam being a single father who extends his relationship with another single parent in his daughter’s classroom.

 Leighton Meester will be playing the role of a single mother with a needy son named Angie D’Amato.

A more seasoned bereft single parent with indistinguishable twin little girls who frequently gives them something to do, Brad Garrett will be cast by Douglas Fogerty.

Kimrie Lewis as Poppy Banks being a single mother with a son.

Will’s daughter, Sophie Cooper, will be played by Marlow Barkley.

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