Crisis On Infinite Earths Makes DCEU Canon In Arrowverse With Ezra Miller Flash Cameo.

DCEU’s version of Flash played by Ezra Miller meets CW’s Flash confirming the crossover of Crisis on Infinite Earths in Arrowverse. With the cameo of Ezra Miller from the Justice League movie, the makers just hinted towards the starting of a new exciting arc.

Expected Release Date of Flash

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The small screen shared universe of the Dc was already launched long back in 2012. However, the big screen premiere only happened in 2016 with the release of Batman V/s Superman: Dawn of Justice introducing Batman played by Ben Affleck, Wonder Woman starred by Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and Ezra Miller’s The Flash. They were finally shown to work together for the world in the movie Justice League. Although everyone in the list mentioned above has their film, the Flash movie is expected to come in 2022.

In Crisis on Infinite Earths, DCEU’s Flash meets the CW’s Flash. While according to the Arrowverse Flash he should never have met any other Flash from the multiverse, Miller’s Flash seems to have a different insight on the situation. The episode shows the two Flash interacting with each other and asking specific questions.

A Crossover of DC Movies and DC TV Shows

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Ever since, Ezra Miller was cast in the DCEU as The Flash, the fans have always wanted the two to meet on screen. Keeping the fans in their mind, CW has undoubtedly worked for it. The fans have got their due part of happiness; however, the question remains on how DC plans things from now on.

When the Crisis on Infinite Earths event kicked off, they confirmed various Dc movies and shows within it. They all will be included in the Arrowverse multiverse, and we get the ultimate confirmation of the crossover with the cameo of Miller’s Flash.

For the past years, the DC movie and television world has been strictly separated. Hence, it has been pretty exciting for the fans to see them finally merge. However, there seems to be a lot going on within a short time. Only time will say whether the fans will remain satisfied even at the end of the show.

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