How Palpatine Returned In Star Wars 9 (According To Rise Of Skywalker Visual Dictionary)

Fans are confused to witness Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars: the rise of skywalker. Since Palpatine was portrayed to be dead after the conclusions of Return of the Jedi but appeared in the sequel trilogy, make the audience scratch their brains and refer to the visual dictionary to comprehend his return. The movie also didn’t make it to a perfect description. 

Return of Palpatine

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The movie was marketed internationally, and so only a little part of Palpatine was revealed, though the director made words on his role to the rise of skywalker. The character made its way only to a scene or two back in the Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. The movie now unveiled him as the mysterious Grandpa of Rey (Daisy Ridley). 

The movie portrays Palpatine being hidden in Exegol these years and the physic of Snoke (Andy Serkis) in the play of his sentience. However, the journey of him to the distant planet remains unclear. But the movie is out now providing the supplementary details. The book reads the hooded cohorts called the Sith Eternals had bought Darth Sidious back to Excel. But the movie doesn’t say it all despite emphasised during the climactic confrontation between Rey and her Grandpa. 

Ressurection of Palpatine

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The director, Abrams states due to lack of screentime; the movie didn’t get deep into Palpatine’s resurrection. Though the visual dictionary has bought us much info, still the movie didn’ say it all. And so there arises an expectation on the minds for a detailed flashback. 

These errors had drawn the audience into a prolonged talk on the movie. Hope, the team comes up with a later novel that might fix the plot breaks, depicting what actually happened to the emperor dragging to his recent appearance in the rise of skywalkers. But still, we need to watch our watches for an official talk from the squad.

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