His Dark Materials Season 2: Release date, cast, trailer and crazy fan theories

His Dark Materials series is one of the best series with a huge amount of view count and fan base. The theme for the series is totally based for fantasy drama.

The story for the series is based upon a novel which was published by the same name as the series is. Phillip Pullman wrote the novel.

The series is being produced by Bad Wolf and New Line Productions, which is mainly for broadcasting it in BBC One and HBO. The first series which came up with eight episodes in total was premiered on 3 November 2019 on BBC One in the United Kingdom and on 4 November on HBO in the United States. Before the series premiered, His Dark Materials was renewed for a second season which will come up with eight episodes in total.

His Dark Materials Season 2 – Release Date

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Source: HBO.com

It’s hard to predict when His Dark Materials season 2 will be aired. Although eight episodes of the second season have already been filmed and are ready for its screening, it seems like His Dark Materials will return by the end of 2020.

His Dark Materials Season 2 – Cast

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The cast members for the season 1 will be returning as season 2 as well.

The main cast members include Iorek Byrnison Joe Tandberg), Lord Asriel (James McAvoy), and we will even see Mrs Coulter (Ruth Wilson) are characters who take a step back in the story until the events of the third book.

Given that the series is making changes to the source material, it’s probable that we will continue to see more of Mrs Coulter and the Magisterium, but this is not guaranteed.

His Dark Materials Season 2 – Plot

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

Story details for His Dark Materials season 2 is likely to follow the story of The Subtle Knife. The start of the second book sees Lyra and will meet in another world, in a place called Cittagazze, where they discover a world without adults or daemons, and where a mysterious knife is being kept in the Tower of Angels. The book moves between Will’s world and various others, as the two children learn to trust each other.

Part of this story does also take place in Lyra’s world, as Lee Scoresby (Lin-Manuel Miranda) sets out in search of Grumman, sent by the witches to discover where he is.


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