V Wars Season 2: Ian Somerhalder On The Upcoming Season And How Fans Can Play A Big Part

Whenever we think of unnatural beings, vampires do come into our list, and it seems that our favorite vampire for years in The Vampire Diaries too can’t sway far away from them. As Ian Somerhalder finishes his long run as Damon Salvatore in the famous series The Vampire Diaries, he has caught hold of another series involving the vampires in the Netflix show “V Wars.”

V Wars is a science fiction series starring Ian Somerhalder as Dr. Luther Swann. It follows the story of Swann, and his best friend Michael Fayne as a fight between the humans and vampires break when humans start turning into bloodthirsty vampires due to an ancient virus.

While no official announcement has been made about season 2, we can well expect season 2 of the series to be out by December 2020. It will be almost a year after the premiere of the first season.

Season 2 will most probably take up from the point where it was left in the first season and also will continue to be adapted from the comic of the same name. As the season continues and if it follows the comics, we should expect a war again between the humans and the vampires. Season 2 tends to be more on the bloody side.

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Moreover, Somerhalder’s fans are more than happy to be watching their favorite actor again in a vampire series. Netflix’s V Wars can expect a great fan base because of Somerhalder as he goes into unleashing his darker side while killing the vampires and who knows they might again be blessed with their favorite vampire as the season continues.

Should we expect more of the wars between the vampires and the humans as Dr. Luther Swann tries to find a way to fight the virus, or do we expect our favorite characters to be turned into gory blood-sucking vampires? Well, everything will be clear once the season comes out.

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