You Season 2: Theories You Need To Read After Binging The Season

The final episode of You Season 2 introduced a mystery neighbour – so who is she?

American psychological thriller series You – based on Caroline Kepnes’ book of the same name – took the internet by storm after it started streaming on Netflix in 2018. The second season of the hit drama landed on Boxing Day and saw the return of Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg – aka Will Bettelheim – alongside a new cast of LA-dwellers. The second series of the show settled on Netflix on December 26, 2019, offering fans a delayed Christmas present.

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When we last saw the world’s most charming psychopath Joe (Penn Badgley), he’d just had his heartbroken after his relationship with girlfriend Guinevere Beck ended in murder.
His long-lost ex-girlfriend Candace (Ambyr Childers) had just returned on the scene, and we got the reaction she was set on teaching him a lesson.

Season two finds him on the run from Candace, leaving New York for his reason – Los Angeles. While he attempts to avoid women in LA, he almost immediately runs into an enduring widow who is called Love (Victoria Pedretti).
With a third season seeming very probably, it’s time to start theorising about what the future holds for Joe.

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The biggest question left at the end of the season is the identity of Joe’s new neighbour, who has become his new obsession. All we see of the mystery woman is the back of her head as she reads books in her yard, but fans have previously come together behind a conspicuous theory about her: She’s Joe’s mom. Joe notably never answered Love’s question about whether his mom was still alive or not earlier in the season, and all the remembrance to his childhood showed his close but replete relationship with his mother. It sounds like Joe’s obsession in Season 3 won’t be a brand new woman at all.

“You” creative team could conceivably absolutely twist the script with Season 3 and make Love the narrator for the run of episodes.”You” has changed its resolving in its first two seasons, and it sounds like that may be a trend for the show moving forward.

The show has been arranging from the books more and more as it continues, so nothing is for sure, but it appears like we may see Joe and Love shift to at someplace near Portland or Seattle. Forty may be dead after the cases of the Season 2 finale, but he may still be the key to taking Joe down. Ellie may have departed to start a new life in Florida, but she could quickly devastate Joe’s life if she chooses to. So watch out for the happening of Ellie’s revenge in Season 3.

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