Top Feel Good Movies!


Nowadays, movies are not confined to just entertaining us; they are capable of a lot more than that. Some movies can have a life-changing impact on us because of the lessons they teach us about hope, despair, love, people, and, most importantly, about ourselves.

Best Feel-Good Movies!

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The Hangover series:

Bradley Cooper is in all three parts. He’s literally like the human form of happiness, what else do you need? Three buddies who always end up in unforeseen circumstances. All three movies are beyond hilarious. A must watch!

Harry Potter series:

Harry Potter is a big part of everyone’s childhood. It feels like home, to the whole world. It’s filled with love and joy and, most importantly, nostalgia. Harry Potter can quickly fill any void; it can make the worst day of your life better. 


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This 2012 release is a perfect example of an escapist movie! It’s got an entirely different world, with its own problems and also a delightful ending. Starring Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey, it works best with some icecream.

The Shape of Water:

A movie that won millions of hearts and a couple of Oscars too! It is about falling in love, but not with a human. However, the Shape of water offers a lot more than that.

The Lion King:

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Yet another Disney movie! And who knew it is based on Hamlet? Honestly, no one did. The Lion King is probably the best Disney movie of all time. It’s got Hakuna Matata, which literally means no worries for the rest of your life. The best feel-good movie ever!

Good Will Hunting:

Starring Matt Damon and Robbin Williams, this movie about a genius boy named Will Hunting and how one of his professors help him out to live up to his potential and eventually reach his goals. What’s more? Ben Affleck in the movie too.

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