Elite Season 3: The High School Drama Is Coming Back Soon, Air Date And Major Updates!

First released on the 15th of October 2018, Elite is most certainly one of those oddly satisfying and binge-worthy curiosities. This Spanish drama thriller web series, created by Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona, managed to set a new standard for how a high school drama series should be. 


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Over twenty million Netflix users binge-watched season one of Elite just within the very first month of release. Consequently, the hype for the show has only increased more. 

At the beginning of the show, we find out about Marina’s murder at the Spanish high school Las Encinas. Then the series cuts between scenes before the death took place and present police interrogations with classmates to find out who did it. In season two-three new characters are added, and the drama is about the wrongful and misleading arrest of Nano. 

When Will It Air

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Season one premiered on the 5th of October, 2018, and season two released less than a year later on the 6th of September, 2019. However, according to this pattern, Elite season 3 should appear around a similar time this year, Right? Well, no. Netflix has confirmed that season three will release in March 2020, which is much earlier than season one and two.

In August 2019, Netflix had renewed Elite for a third season ahead of its season two release date, as variety reported. Elite has also been renewed for a fourth and fifth season by Netflix. 

Samuel played by Itzan Escamilla, Guzmán played by Miguel Bernardeau and Lu, played by Danna Paola, are most likely to return for season three. Polo played by Álvaro Rico, Carla played by Ester Expósito, Ander played by Arón Piper, and Nadia played by Mina El Hammani, will be seen in season three. Omar played Omar Shana, Christian played by Miguel Herrán, and Nano played by Jaime Lorente will be seen too. 


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