Lucifer Season 5: Devil’s Identity Exposed? Details And Expectations!

Lucifer is back! Your favorite devil is coming with another season, sadly, the last one — a pat on the back for everyone who unitedly joined the #SaveLucifer marketing campaign.

FOX deliberately dropped the show after three seasons. All thanks to Netflix for picking up the show last year. A massive fan campaign saved the show from getting canceled.

Release Date On Netflix

Season 5 might drop by the Spring of this year on Netflix. The official date for Lucifer season 5 is yet to be announced but, the show will return the same time season 4 made a comeback.

Co-showrunner of the show, Joe Henderson, said that he’s grateful for fans being very supportive and bring the show back to life. He’s pleased about the whole Twitter campaign and reported that the team is working hard to make the last season count.

What Can We Expect

Before we get into season 5 details, you might want to refresh your memory. Here’s a short recap video which will help you recall what happened in the previous seasons —

In the last episode of season 4, we saw Lucifer coming back to hell, which is slowly spilling in Los Angeles. Lucifer is back to hell after a sad farewell with Chloe. Both finally confessed their love for each other, with Lucifer admitting that Eve was never his first love.

Season 4 frames the future season with all the demons returning to hell, and knowing that Lucifer never intended on coming back home.

Eve departed at the end of season 4 as well, but we believe there is more to her story. She went off to find herself, but hopefully, she’ll return in the season finale.

Will Lucifer return to Earth again?

Sadly, Lucifer won’t be able to return to Earth. There will be a replacement leader for the underworld to stop it from spilling into the actual world. Lucifer will mostly send one of his other siblings to that work.

It is speculated that Lillith, i.e., Adam’s first wife, she’ll most probably return with Eve considering that she “tamed the beasts of the night.”

The title of one episode has brought out a new theory. It looks like Dan Espinoza out will find out the truth about Lucifer’s secret. Dan is still in the dark about Lucifer’s identity, but soon in the last season, he’ll find out the bitter truth.

Get ready for the last season. We know the wait is long, but not too long. Your devil will come back in the flaming spring 2020 with some banger episode.




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