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Is Rue’s Fate The Only Unsolved Mystery In Euphoria Season 2? Release Date And Predictions!

Season 1 of Euphoria ended with a major cliffhanger. The show gained overnight popularity as it discussed teenage societal issues from talking about sex, homosexuality, body shaming to drugs. The show itself was too euphoric and aesthetically eye-pleasing.

With Rue being the protagonist of the show, they portray her as an addict. Each episode shows the viewers an insight into every character’s backstory along with their current developments. Having a broad explanation of sexuality by calling it a spectrum, the show won many LGBT+ fans.

When Is Season 2 Of Euphoria Going To Release? 

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Source: Wonderland Magazine

HBO has finally announced the most awaited new. Euphoria has been renewed for another season. So far, we don’t have the official release date, but we can hope for the news to come out soon.

Fans are still concerned if Zendaya is on board or not. And well, the official news was outed by none other than queen Zendaya. On her Twitter account, Zendaya informed all the curious that she did get a call for the second season from HBO.

Lay back and take a deep breath, as we all assumed that Zendaya’s character Rue has died in season 1. But being the creator of the show, she assured her fans that she is very much alive, and she will have a long run.

Do We Have Any New Entries For Season 2 Of Euphoria?

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

The news is official! Recent casting call for season 2 came with another exciting news, revealing the details of four new characters. These characters are – Darian, Ray, Ami, and Serena.

According to the casting call, Darian is a 17-year-old outsider who is “sensitive”, “vulnerable” and “mischievous”. Like Rue, even he has a history with his addiction. He’s the type who’s not popular in school, but very interesting in person.

Then comes Ray who is 17 too. He’s described as an attractive and accessible person. Other traits about him are that he’s “scrappy but a fighter” and is “working class” with a “pure heart”.

Ami is aged between “18-20”. Having a bold life, an addict and a stripper. And she hates her boyfriend. She’s someone who opens doors to bad choices and decisions. Being too quick to react, judging others and talk shit about people is her personality.

Next character Serena is in her 50s. She is somewhat similar to Ami. Her role is portrayed as “sassy and tough”. She’s a part animal and spent her whole life partying and attended every White Snake concert. Being a big-time hustler is her way of making money and live her life.

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