John Wick Season 4: What To Expect From The Upcoming Season? Air Date And More

We have some good news for John Wick fans! Can you guess who’s returning with a fourth chapter of the iconic action film? Yes, it’s none other than your favorite Keanu Reeves!

Chad Stahelski, the director of one of the most anticipated action films of the last decade, revealed the news regarding a 4th part coming its way. It’s time for us to rejoice!

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Chad claimed that he enjoys making such movies because there’s no limit to it. He later added that they create their mythology and have their studio that supports their wacky decisions regardless.

When Is John Wick: Chapter 4 Officially Airing?

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So, John Wick: Chapter 4 drops on May 21, 2021. Apparently, Keanu started his training for the fourth chapter around December 2018. We know, we salute his dedication towards his work and fans!

Also, it’s heard that the release date of John Wick: Chapter 4 is clashing with The Matrix 4. May the fan wars begin!

Well, it would be kind of fun to see who will go for what, though. Anyway, we have an entire year to prepare ourselves for the final showdown!

What Can We Expect?

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We know that Chapter 4 is going to be a continuation of the end of chapter 3. So far, chapter 3 ends with an upcoming war igniting between the High Table and Wick.

And, as the title of Chapter 3 goes by the name Parabellum, which means “prepare for war” in Latin. It pretty much sums up for the fact that things are going to get heated up in the fourth chapter.

Who’s Returning For The Cast In John Wick: Chapter 4?

For sure we know that Keanu Reeves will be there as the film is pointless without him. Besides him, the Bowery King is likely to return and no one can be better for that role except for Laurence Fishburne.

Other than that, all the members of the High Table are going to return as they have a major part to play in the film.

So that’s everything that you need to know about John Wick: Chapter 4. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the official sources of the film for more updates and sneak peeks!

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