Rick And Morty Season 4 Episode 6: Theories, Plot And Expectations!

Unfortunately, after dealing with a long gap for season 4, the show has gone on a mid-season vacation. Fans had to wait for a crazy amount of time for season 4 of Rick and Morty to release, but after five short episodes, the show has taken a break.

Season 4, Episode 5, was Rattlestar Ricklactica. The final episode before the short break was about Rick and Morty being out in space. Morty goes against Rick and gets bitten by a snake, which sadly was the first snake to explore the galaxy.

Later, Morty feels guilty about killing the first snake astronaut and buys a snake for the pet shop for a replacement. And from there, it gets progressively hilarious.

But die-hard of Rick and Morty are left to anticipate what is coming for them after the mid-season break. We all have heard the rumors about Evil Morty making a comeback, but we have more for you.

Well, here are few predictions you might want to take a look at —

1. Snuffles Making A Come Back?

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Source: Inverse

Remember the intelligent dog community built by their family dog? We all remember how it ended, with snuffles producing more of his kind and planning on a possible take over the entire human population. But due to Snuffles’ affection towards Morty, the dog community took off.

Though he didn’t come back in season 3, there’s a chance of him to return. But they are planning on bringing snuffles back then get prepared to watch a huge dog community.

2. Beth Smith’s Clone 

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Remember the episode where Rick possibly replaced Beth with her clone version? If you do then you that in the end there was a happy version of Beth. She was all positive and kind to an extent where she started doubting herself. Even though Rick tried to kill her, but later he had to accept that version of Beth.

Two years ago on Reddit, a fan theory was introduced. It was about a real version of Beth reaching out for Rick’s help to bring down a Council of Beths. But we’ll see the Council of Beths attacking Rick out front for protecting the original Beth.

3. Rick Has Migrated Dimensions Three Times

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Source: Rotten Tomatoes

We know that Rick and Morty had to travel migrate into an alternative dimension due to Rick’s portion in season 1. Later, they both had to migrate again because Morty messed up with some sentient squirrels.

So far, if Rick has done it twice then why does he talk about having infinite grandsons and daughters, right? This means that Rick had an experience even before this show started, an experience which is yet to be discussed.

There might a traumatic incident which Rick hasn’t opened up about. Season 4 might be the time to explore that hidden story of Rick.

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