[Spoilers] Sherlock Holmes 3: When Is The Next Season Coming Out? Air Date, Cast And Expectations

Robert Downey Junior is coming back as Sherlock! Finally, we’ll see him as a detective after being a superhero on the big screen for a long time. Robert did have a busy schedule as he was filming for Dr. Dolittle, but now he’s all ready to be a British spy.

Release Date

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The most anticipated movie sequel was initially going to release in this year in December, but sadly the dates got pushed back. After releasing two successful movies of the thriller saga, the third one was on hold for quite long.

Now the date is scheduled on December 22nd, 2021. We know it’s a long time to wait, but we can hope for the date to get preponed. The project was on hold as the three leading players, i.e. director Ritchie, main character Robert Downey Jr and co-star Jude Law were working on other projects.

What can we expect?

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The main question is, who will be the villain this time? We can expect the classic villain Moriarty to come back. He was in the previous films, which means he’ll probably return in the third movie.

How can we forget Mycroft Holmes? He’s an integral part of the TV version of Sherlock Holmes’s stories. Even though Stephen Fry plays it, he barely appears in the series so far.  Maybe season 3 will be the big shot for him.

We obviously can’t see him being an essential part of the plot, but including him in the crew will make some exciting changes. Having a brothers’ duo will be fun to watch.

The series will win hearts by following the classic tales. Seeing something original is good, but going back to the old stories brings back memories.

Who can we expect to see on the big screen?

Robert Downey Jr will be coming back to his old Baker Street and playing a titular role of a detective. We’ll for sure see Jude Law’s Dr. Watson also expected to return.

Currently, we are not sure whether other characters like Mary Watson, Eddie Marsan’s Inspector Lestrade, Geraldine James’ Mrs. Hudson will be joining us or not. We are also unclear about Stephen Fry’s Mycroft Holmes making an appearance in the movie. Stay connected for more updates.

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