The New Mutants: What’s This New Horror Movie Bringing To The Table? Cast And Expectations

Are you ready for some spine-chilling action with a bunch of newbies in town? Do you want some action that’s equal to give you serious goosebumps?

Well, it’s time to sit tight as The New Mutants are here to take you on a thrilling journey!

After multiple attempts of editing the plot and trailer to make it scarier, Disney-Fox productions have finally given the green signal for what they have to offer us with this highly anticipated film, and it’s creating a huge buzz in town.

Here’s everything that we know so far about the action cum horror film:

Do we have an official release date for The New Mutants?

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Source: CNet

So, finally after multiple reshoot rumors and pauses, the long-delayed X-Men horror movie is ready to hit the screens on April 3, 2020!

The film had apparently claimed to have reshoots and improvements for 2 years. But, our wait is officially over! Now, we just need to keep our patience till summer.

Who are we going to see in The New Mutants?

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Anya Taylor-Joy known for her role in The Witch will play Magik (sister of Colossus), and Maisie Williams known for her famous role in Game of Thrones, she’ll play mutant werewolf Wolfsbane.

Charlie Heaton from Stranger Things will play as Sam “Cannonball” Guthrie in the film. Blu Hunt, known for his role in The Originals, has the main role of Danielle Moonstar. This is a prominent role in the “Demon Bear Saga” that this movie is rooting for. Henry Zaga from 13 Reasons Why is playing as Sunspot.

What to expect from the plot of The New Mutants?

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Source: Business Insider

The young mutants are captivated in a creepy asylum or a secret facing. Trying to grip their supernatural powers back, the mutants are planning a banger escape where they have to fight their past sins.

It’s been confirmed from the cast members that it’ll be closely following the classic New Mutants lineup — which is Wolfsbane and the teleporting sorcerer Magik. Along with them, Cannonball, who can explosively propel himself through the air, Karma who can telepathically possess people), Sunspot who gets her power through the sun, and Mirage who creates illusions and manipulates them based on their hopes and fears.

The film is one of the highly-anticipated action cum horror flicks of this year, and fans are looking forward to it regardless of the long delay.

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