What Does Breaking Bad Star Vince Galligan Think About Better Call Saul’s Finale?

The ending of the famous show Breaking Bas was a standard one according to most of us but Vince Gilligan, the creator of the show, has thoughts about Better Call Saul’s ending to be even better.

Better Call Saul returns to the AMC has been big news and people can not wait to watch the next season which is season five. Unfortunately for the fans, this news also comes with a sad one as they got to know that season six will be the final season of this show.

According to most of the fans, the ending of their favorite shows, Breaking Bad is one of the best ones, and nothing can stop this. This brings a surprise, given that the show creator Vince Gilligan himself confirms that Better Call Saul will end even more better than that of Breaking bad.

What Does Gilligan Think?

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Source: Variety

Vince Gilligan’s story of everything by have has always shocked the fans and kept them engrossed. With the passing time, he seems to get better in keeping the viewers on their toes and making them mas about trying to figure out the next scene.

Gilligan outdoing himself is not something that surprises us anymore. So, his thoughts about Better Call Saul’s ending being better than Breaking Bad is not that much of a shocker.

When he was asked about the ending of Better Call Saul compared to Breaking Bad, this is what he said:

“This show is absolutely under Peter’s leadership, going to stick the landing. It’s going to be awesome. And The Hollywood Reporter, and other wonderful journalistic outlets, are going to be having articles about, ‘Which one had the better ending? Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul?’ And I’ll bet you folks are going to say Better Call Saul.”

This overall proves that the ending of the show will definitely blow the hats off of the fans and people cannot wait for it anymore.


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