Bodyguard Season 2: Release Date, Story and Renewal Updates

It’s been two whole years since Season one of Bodyguard debuted on Netflix. Show’s Creator Jed Mercurio has updated that he is working on Season 2. Since then, fans have been asking the same question over and over again: Are we getting a second season or not? Well, it’s time for us to answer all your questions about Bodyguard Season 2.

BBC’s most-watched drama of 2018 left the fans eagerly waiting for a season 2 and Jed Mercurio, the creator, and the showrunner recently revealed that they’ll have another four seasons before the sun finally sets for the show.

And obviously, a brand new season always comes with a list of fan expectations and theories.

Here’s everything that we’re expecting from the show:

When is Bodyguard Season 2 officially airing?

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While we know that we’re probably getting a new season, but there are still doubts regarding its release date as there have been hardly any responses from the sources.

The first season debuted on August 26, 2018, creating a tremendous amount of excitement among fans worldwide. So, looking into that, it is safe for us to assume that we might get the second season around August this year.

What about Richard Madden? Are there any chances of him returning to Bodyguard Season 2?

Despite the silence the officials have been keeping so far, Richard Madden doesn’t seem to stay quiet for long! Well, he recently revealed that he had been busy with his beloved creator Mercurio for projects like Line Of Duty, Rocketman, and Marvel’s The Eternals.

And of course, the show is incomplete without Madden. How can someone even think about replacing our chief Bodyguard?

Apart from him, Anne Sampson, played by Gina McKee, Sophie Rundle, as Vicky Budd and Ash Tandon by Deepak Sharma, are most likely to return.

What can we expect from the second season of Bodyguard ?

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Many fans were left questioning whether Julia Montague is dead or not. Did she get shot while running for the post of Prime Minister? If she is, doubts are lurking around that who’s capable and ambitious enough to take Montague’s place.

There are still a lot of parts that need valid explanations to be given from the first season. So, there’s quite a lot for us in store in season 2.

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