Night On Earth: Gives Out Strong David Attenborough Vibes?

Netflix has launched a brand new nature series on 29th January 2020, “Night On Earth” which documents what various animals get up to after dark.

Its Closeness to Seven World, One Planet

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Similar to David Attenborough’s ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ each episode of Night On Earth explores a different habitat. From urban monkeys roaming in the sleepless cities to moonlit plains with lions howling.

Just as Sir David has done in the past, this series uses ground-breaking technology to document the behaviour of nocturnal creatures, including infrared and underwater filming techniques. Above all, Night On Earth grants viewers a unique insight into the world of the animal kingdom.

About The Show

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The show consists of 6 episodes in total. Furthermore, the narration of the show is done by The Handmaid’s Tale actress and also Emmy-winning actor Samira Wiley.

Netflix teases the new show with a trailer that suggests “We have always been stranger to the night.”

“A place of unnerving sound and imagined terrors”, the narrator adds.

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