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10 Of The Weirdest And Mind Boggling Movies Hiding On Netflix!

Netflix is everyone’s go-to online streaming service. With award-winning originals like The Irishman, Marriage story, Stranger things etc. Netflix managed to alter the idea of entertainment altogether (in the right way, of course).

However, it also offers a lot of mind-boggling movies that are not as popular or mainstream.

 10 Of The Weirdest And Mind-boggling Movies On Netflix!

1. Swiss Man Army

Image result for swiss man army

Source: Kanopy


Directed by Daniel Scheinert and starring Daniel Radcliffe, it’s undoubtedly one of the weirdest movies ever. With a killer soundtrack and amazing visuals, Swiss Army Man is one of those viewing experience you’ll never forget.

2. Cloud Atlas

Image result for cloud atlas

Source: Vice

Exploring the past, the present and the future. Cloud Atlas is a mix of action, mystery and romance. It also depicts how a single act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution in the future.

3. He Never Died:

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Henry Rollins plays the role of an immortal. In the movie, he’s a cannibalistic loner who isolates from society to protect himself and other people.

4. Creep

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Possibly, the most disturbing film available on Netflix, Creep is a little too creepy for anyone. One cannot figure out what’s going to happen next in the movie. There’s plenty of tension and a sequel also!

5. Circle

Image result for circle netflix movie

Source: Netflix

One thing this movie is- weird. Also, have you ever watched a film where fifty members stand in a circle and threaten each other while some force takes them out one by one?

6. Hardcore Henry

Image result for hardcore henry netflix movie

Source: Netflix Movies

A revived man who’s both mute and amnesiac, that’s how weird it is since the starting. It’s action-packed and unique in the most bizarre ways. 

7. Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Image result for scott pilgrim vs the world netflix movie

Source: JustWatch

A bass guitarist who recently met the girl of his dreams! However, seven of her exes are on their way to kill him. 

8. I don’t feel at home in this world

Image result for i don't feel at home in this world netflix movie

Source: Roger Ebert

Crisis of existential despair, a sense of purpose, criminals, this movie has everything.

9. The Lobster

Image result for the lobster netflix movie

Source: Netflix

This one’s a must-watch! The Lobster is a highly imaginative and delightfully bizarre comedy!

10. Hypersomnia

Image result for hypersomnia netflix movie

Source: Filmaffinity

A mind-boggling story about an actress who starts to hallucinate that she’s trafficked for sex after she joins a play about the same thing. 

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