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BoJack Horseman Season 6: Here’s Why The Finale Was Perfect

Well, it’s the end of the legendary BoJack Horseman series. Despite their final curtain call, the show made sure not to disappoint the audience through their season finale.

Fans of BoJack, no need to frown anymore! We’re here to give you reasons why BoJack Horseman Season 6 finale episode was perfect.

Why The Finale Was Perfect

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Source: Variety

Firstly, a huge round of applause to Netflix for producing their original adult cartoon shows that cater to quality content. They’re often known to stretch their season finales into two halves just for long-time viewers.

BoJack Horseman features a sad celebrity cartoon horse based on Hollywood. The sixth and the final season consists of eight episodes making it the most extended season in the history of the popular series.

The eighth episode that is, the season finale is yet to be aired on January 31, 2020. So, just in case anyone of you aren’t prepared, it’s the time!

We’ll get to see our beloved BoJack for one last time before the curtain falls and it’s time to bid farewell to him.

The finale episode is going to make sure to leave us with a bunch of mixed feelings as it’s going to feature some of the funniest and emotional bytes of the whole season so far.

It’s also said to have a streak of moments from the previous episodes of season 6, followed by wrapping the episode up with a proper and wholesome ending.

The season finale will show how Bojack tries to get his life back on track after his stint in the rehab.

BoJack finally embraces his middle age and a scene clearly shows it by displaying his real hair colour.

He begins teaching acting at the Wesleyan University and trying hard to be a part of his half-sister, Hollylock’s life.

The end is near!

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