Bill Gates Predicted a Coronavirus Like Outbreak In A 2019 Netflix’s Series

The billionaire, Bill Gates recently appeared in Netflix’s documentary series, “Explained”. He had mentioned the threat to a coronavirus like outbreak that might engulf the whole world. In one of its episodes, “The Next Pandemic”, Explained’s makers have interviewed Bill Gates who had then predicted the virus outbreak. The pandemic might emerge from the wet markets of China and would reach out to the entire globe. He had also said that the world might not be ready to deal with this global pandemic.

The Reality

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Source: Netflix

Today’s world’s conditions are not just an eerie coincidence, but the world needs to understand its capabilities. In the same episode, Microsoft’s tycoon has said that the same virus might originate from one of China’s market Wuhan. It is supposed to be the originating point of the Coronavirus.

The Wuhan is famous for the deals made in meat from where the Coronavirus might have originated. Bill Gates has also commented that is might take a lot of time to build a cure for the same.  The wet markets of China are different than the rest of the world as their wild animals are killed and ate sold as meat.

About Coronavirus

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Source: Cambridge Mask

The scientists claim that Coronavirus comes from the snake and bats which are both sold in the meat market, Wuhan. It is inferred that it is this meat that led to the spread of the virus. Bill Gates has also warned the world about the ill effects that this virus can have on society. The scientists, on the other hand, are trying their luck in finding a vaccine against this virus in countries like Hong Kong and China.

The Aftermath

The billionaire also mentioned that the dead bodies of animals are kept one over the other. Where the blood mixes and goes into the human body which consumes it. Which might lead to mutation and the origin of the Coronavirus. The market is called a disease X factory keeping in mind the series of events that might lead to the outspread of the virus.

Bill Gates said, “When a pandemic comes along of any size, we always look back and wish we invested more”, which is the perfect warning against the sustainable investment.

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