Did Henry Cavill Just Confirm A Connection Between Geralt’s Sword And Renfri?

Henry Cavill talks about The Witcher Season 2 Production Updates, Release date and More

The Witcher is a red-hot series trending on Netflix at the moment. The storyline revolves around a witcher, Geralt of Rivia, who uses his mystic abilities to hunt monsters. His life becomes topsy-turvy when fate involves him with a delicate princess and a dauntless sorceress.

The viewers compared the show to GOT, but The Witcher is its little world with rules, practices, and beliefs. The fight choreography is enthralling and stupendous.


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The series emphasizes on a remarkable tagline which goes as follows:
Death comes for all of us, eventually. The only way to cheat it is to have a legacy.

Renfri, the antecedent princess who is cursed, is hunted by Stregobor; he has a strong instinct that the princess is innately vile. In her attempts to kill Stregobor, Geralt and Renfri indulge in a fight. Geralt, unfortunately, lacerates her. Henceforth, he tries to stay all good, but fate surely has other plans lined up for him.

The Sword

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In a video published on twitter by NXOnNetflix, Henry Cavill throws light upon the bizarreness of Geralt’s sword. His sword has a broach that belongs to Renfri, which serves as a reminder to him to be less involved with men as he always lands up in a predicament.

Cavill also made vivid about the various swords Geralt possesses. The first sword composed of the meteorite is used to slaughter both monsters and men, whereas the silver sword is solely for killing monsters. He usually keeps it on his horse.

Future expectations

The Witcher was adapted from a book, and due to its popularity, the number of readers increased significantly in number. It was also incorporated in the form of a video game.

However, according to the latest updates, we cannot expect the next season of the show until sometime in the year 2021. The fans have to make merry from the book and the video game.

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