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Here’s The Ultimate List Of Must Watch Rom-Coms On Netflix In February 2020!

Valentine’s day seems pretty overrated nowadays, however even if you have one couple around, it can get weird. With all that love in the air, especially if you’re single and not ready to mingle, watching a rom-com is your best option. 

Here’s a list of Romantic Comedies available on Netflix to watch in February 2020!

1. Set it up:

Image result for set it up

Source: Variety

You might recall Zoey Deutch from 2016’s Why him? Her chemistry with Glen Powell is beyond amazing in this movie. Set it up is a Netflix original that’s packed with fun and high concept romance!

2. To all the boys I’ve loved before:

Image result for to all the boys i loved before

Source: Medium

One question you’ll definitely ask after watching this movie: “Peter Kivansky, where you at?” 2018’s film that gave everyone major relationship goals is a must watch!

3. Alex Strangelove:

Image result for alex strangelove

Source: Netflix

This movie, I tell you, is so heartwarming. Alex Strangelove is a must-watch if you’ve ever liked any romantic comedy. The story follows Alex, a teenager who thinks he’s got his love life all figured out. All of that goes out the window when he meets a handsome, intriguing stranger at a party. You can’t afford to skip this movie, trust me.  

4. The holiday:

Image result for the holiday netflix

Source: Marie Clarie

Released all the way back in 2006, this movie is one of the best rom coms ever! Probably because of the fantastic cast (Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz and Jude Law) and an even better story!

5. When we first met:

Image result for when we first met netflix

Source: Firstpost

After messing things up, the hero in the movie gets another chance to get things on the right track. After all, wouldn’t everyone like a second chance at love anyway? 

6. The Kissing Booth:

Image result for the kissing booth netflix

Source: Netflix

You’ve got to watch this movie. Another heartwarming Netflix original, however, what makes this one so unique is the kissing booth itself! 

7. The princess switch:

Image result for princess switch netflix

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Who wouldn’t like to see two Vanessa Hudgens in the same movie? Both the duchess and the baker fall in love unexpectedly as they switch lives. 

8. The Break up:

Related image


Jennifer Aniston stars in this movie. Two lovers who are not in love anymore have to share their condo. As no one wants to leave the place, they stay together and deal with their breakup. 

9. Sierra Burgess Is a Loser:

Image result for sierra burgess is a big loser

Source: Vox

The story is so twisty that it could only take place in high school. Mistaken identities, misconceptions, and a happy ending are guaranteed, and there’s Noah Centinio too!

10. The perfect date:

Image result for the perfect date

Source: What’s on Netflix

Yet another Noah Centineo movie! He’s like Netflix’s rom-com king now. A sweet teen comedy about a high school senior who’s trying to arrange funds for his dream college by creating an app where he sells his services as a plus-one.

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