Is Netflix’s Most Longest Series Orange Is The New Black Ending?

After setting record after record, this series is again set to burn fire! ‘Orange is The New Black’ is an American comedy, drama series created by Jenji Kohan.

Its first season was premiered on July 11, 2013, on Netflix.

The series was renewed for the seventh season which was released on July 26, 2019.

Last season was a chart-topper and also features in Netflix’s one of the best comedy-drama series! Furthermore, Netflix has released another trailer for the final season of ” Orange is the New Black “.

Although it is a comedy-drama series, its story is written little differently to keep up the individuality.

It shows the unjust criminal system’s hilarity of it is down and dirty, in a very comic way!

‘Orange is the New Black’ is a deep and satisfying series! Director and writers have successfully portrayed the death-like struggle in prison, how a specific group of people were oppressed and were forced to face a financial crisis. However, all these struggles and reality of society were written so well that they showed all these phases in a hilarious manner along with a great message. Along with directors and writers, actors were superb and did full justice to their roles.

Moreover, it is totally singular and unique from the rest of the show!

What’s So Special About OITNB?

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One will feel like they are riding a roller coaster with lots of hurdles, ups, and downs of emotions! On one side it can leave an individual crestfallen with an intense heartache, whereas, on the other side, the sams may feel like it’s the most interesting and entertaining show ever!

Adding on, it was a complete set of mixed emotions that can make you giggle and sob at the same time! Especially the moments of convivial hilarity! It was amazingly done!

The entire production is outstanding! The storyline revolves around Piper, who was a former corporate executive who is sent to prison for ten years due to his alleged crimes. Once inside piper must learn about her new home and surroundings, also, adapt accordingly by making adjustments.

Continuing, she was viewed by the inmates as a weak, rich girl and a goody-two-shoes.

On the contrary, Piper was a cunning girl – had a keen ability to thrive as she navigated the system. Her clever, cumming nature always helped her to get out of the problems relating to her enemies.

The story revolves around her completely with lots of humor, animalistic savagery, and on. Season by season the series becomes more addictive and maintains it’s integrity.

The Success of OITNB

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Orange is the new black was actually a Netflix third original series!

The show has seven seasons comprising of ninety-one episodes and has become Netflix’s Longest running show!

Though in October 2018, Netflix announced that there will be no further season for this show and season 7 will end the series.

One of the most-watched Netflix originals has now ended.

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