Netflix is all set for the musical adaptation of Matilda! And here’s all that we know about it

A classic childhood movie, Matilda shaped our childhood like no other. An introverted girl with dreams more significant than anyone else’s, Matilda defined what it was like, to be a misunderstood kid in a cruel world. With parents who didn’t care for anything else other than the clothes they wore and the cars they drove, and a principal who looked like she would eat up any student that annoyed her too much.

The Matilda Adaptation

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Matilda attained critical acclaim, with Mara Wilson at the helm, going on to act in other well-known films like Miracle on 34th Street and Mrs. Doubtfire. She, however, left the movie industry as she felt too constrained under the pressure and repetitive nature of acting. To carry on the story of Matilda, however, comes forth its musical adaptation. A musical beautiful in its own right, Matilda the Musical has been played on the Broadway and the great west-end. Talks are underway, and the show is all set to get its film adaptation.

The film shall be directed by Matthew Warchus, the director of the stage musical. Matilda the Musical has won several Laurence Olivier Awards, and we believe that Matthew Warchus is the perfect person to make sure every element of the musical is preserved and captured in film successfully. Dennis Nighy, who won a Tony Award for adapting the Musical of the same name into its successful form, shall be writing the screenplay.

Matilda The Musical

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While Netflix talks of releasing Matilda the Musical, it is speculated that Sony Industries and Netflix shall be partnering for this project. However, the details for this are just random speculation. It is still unclear how the two companies shall be splitting the costs of production for the musical. Sony has, however, been slowing getting into the streaming industry, and there are talks of the Sony Industry to slowly but surely stream exclusively through Netflix itself.

Matilda the Musical is not the only show, however, to hit the stands at Netflix as there are talks of musical-movie adaptations of other Roald Dahl works, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The BFG being just a few.

We couldn’t be more excited about the Musical to come out! What about you? Leave a comment below!

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