Netflix’s Goop Starring Gwyneth Paltrow Slammed By NHS Chief

The Goop Lab is a series where Gwyneth Paltrow and her team explore shilly-shally therapies. It was debuted on January 24th on Netflix. The series was fulminate against senior UK health officials for providing misinformation. The details which could pose a threat to health. Netflix has said that the series was not intended to provide any medical information.

NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens condemns the series. He states that it possesses a considerable health risk. He also stressed on “dubious wellness products and dodgy procedures” on the show while addressing an academic event at Oxford.

Mr. Stevens also quoted that “While fake news used to travel by word of mouth, and later the Caxton press, we all know that lies and misinformation can now be round the world at the touch of a button – before the truth has reached for its socks, never mind got its boots on.”

The Goop Lab: A risk?

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The show promotes treatments such as colonic irrigation and DIY coffee enemas. These methods can cause severe damage to human health. The NHS also denies any scientific evidence of colonic irrigation being good for what ails you. It promotes the usage of psychedelic drugs for mental health illnesses.

Impact on Society

The display of false information, especially on an engaging platform like Netflix, possesses a serious threat to the welfare of the society. It is all the more intimidating as it is in close connection to the field of medical sciences. The false information being broadcasted may be practiced by people. Due to this, there could be a question of life and death.

Viewers Perspective

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The audience has remarked the show as ridiculous and a waste of time. Therefore, the viewers are not finding it engaging. It is also perceived that the show is to call attention to her products. The vibe is a purely pseudo infomercial.

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