Netflix’s The Witcher Anime To Focus On Geralt’s Mentor Vesemir? Details and more!

The Witcher an enthralling show with its world which has won the viewers’ hearts because of its spectacular fight sequences and storyline. It revolves around Geralt who paves his way through a world filled with cunning headed people. The fans are set in a tizzy because the upcoming anime has a twist!

The Anime On Its Way

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Yes, you have heard it right. The creative story of the witcher world will be focused on the life of Vesemir who is Geralt’s mentor. Vesemir is portrayed to be truculent and is the oldest living witcher there. He has an intriguing life story before he started mentoring Geralt.

He had dwelled in Kaer Mohren, where the witchers were once trained. But the place was attacked and the dwellers were killed because they were considered to be anathema. This incident explains why the very teensy amount of witchers remain and new ones cannot be brought into existence.

Vesemir is a preeminent part of the show, especially in the upcoming season two. It would be a treat for the fans to feast eyes on his independent and interrelated tales. He has had an eventful life and flashbacks from his youth would give the viewers a diverse aspect. If it goes a long way, we might even be able to witness insights into Geralt’s youth.

This would give something to the fans to invest their time in since the next season of The Witcher will only air sometime in 2021.

The Fantasy Cast

Fans have already laid their eyes on Mark Hamill who is informed with a bit of wizardry to play the role of Vesemir. The actor seems to be curious about the project and we’ve our fingers crossed. But, the cast has not been finalized yet. There is quite a possibility that the Divergent actor, Theo James could voice Vesemir’s role in the anime.

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