The Good Place: Easter Eggs Revealed About ‘Parks And Rec’? Here’s Everything That We Know!

Parks & Recreation and The Good Place seem to be in the same universe as The Good Place includes a fair amount of Parks & Rec Easter eggs. Not a lot is common between the two shows except that both are created by Michael Schurultimate and have the power to make the audience extremely happy.

Parks & Rec Easter Eggs In The Good Place

Dennis Feinstein’s Fragrance

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Eleanor was in a supermarket reading Celebrity Baby when she died. However, the back of the magazine had an ad of Glyde fragrance by Dennis Feinstein. Dennis is the infamous fragrance marker from Pawnee. Interestingly, Jason Mantzoukas played Dennis in Parks and Rec and also played Derek in The Good Place.

Ron Swanson’s – Swanson Safe Company

Since Ron trusted nobody, not even banks, it wouldn’t be surprising if at some point, he created his very own company. Swanson Safe Company appeared in The Good Place twice. Yet another reference to Ron Swanson and Parks and Rec!

Jean-Ralphio’s champagne advertisement 

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In the finale of Parks & Rec, a bottle of champagne with his name was visible, indicating that he ends up becoming a champagne manufacturer. So, it made an appearance on the back of Eleanor’s Celebrity Baby Magazine. 

Paunch Burger in the menu

Bjoern Lerpiss was a part of Parks and Rec. So, every single time he appeared on the show, he emphasized his love for Paunch Burger. Paunch Burger is Pawnee’s famous fast-food chain with an extremely unhealthy menu. Paunch Burger made an appearance; however, it was hidden on the menu. Pretty easy to miss! 

Bjoern Lerpiss and Douglas Lerpiss also featured

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The Lerpiss were a part of Pawnee’s history although they did not appear much on the show. In The Good Place, when Tahani looks at the rankings, Bjoern Lerpiss was in third. Also, when Janet and Micheal visited the Accounting Department and saw the point system, the records of a Douglas Lerpiss were on screen.

The Good Place is currently available on Netflix!

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