Brooklyn Nine Nine Cast Previews Holt’s Demotion! Details And More

Nine-Nine is back on track! Get ready for more “shenanigoogles” than ever before. Season 7 of the top-grossing sitcom will turn the 99 precinct dynamics, as it was teased in the exclusive video.


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Source: Fortune

The show will pick up after the events of Season 6. We saw commissioner Madeline Wuntch demoting Holt to patrolman. Holt has some adjusting to with his new post.

Even though he got demoted to a beat cop, the entire crew said that he’ll still be their boss. But with Holt on streets, Terry had new responsibilities.

There is an awkward exchange between Jake and his former boss, who lets people breach an active crime scene while paired up with another beat cop Debbie Fogel.

Terry finally passed the Lieutenant’s Exam and shockingly won the Cinco de Mayo Heist also known as the Halloween Heist.

Now that the whole squad is learning how to adjust with Lieutenant Terry Jeffords running the show, Charles has taken up boxing as his hobby.

As expected, Holt is going through an identity crisis. The granted demotion lost his respect from pretty much everyone, including his beloved dog Cheddar. Captain Holt said to Jake, “Now, he only poops for Kevin.”

Samberg promised his beloved fans that this time we will see more “shenanigoogles” and more “rumblin’ and tumblin’.”

Release Date

To catch up with the next season of Brooklyn nine nine, watch the new season on Feb 6th, 2020. New-season had much more crime drama and a sweet hint of humour.

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