Final space: Return Date, Fans Expectations And Predictions About The Next Season!

The planet-destroying Mooncake and the always bubbly Gary have been exploring and trying to uncover the mysterious final space. Season one premiered on 26th February 2018 and just a couple of months after season one’s premiere, season two was confirmed. Season two of the final space released on 24th June 2019. The show’s loved by everyone precisely because of its originality and uniqueness.

Return Date 

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The intergalactic comedy is returning for season three! Interestingly the show renewed for season three just a week after season two aired. So the forever happy Gary and the always in demand Mooncake are all set to resume their quest!

Since no official release date has been confirmed yet, the third part is most likely to air before July of this year. Good news is that season one, and two are currently streaming on Netflix, in case you want to catch up!

Predictions (Spoilers ahead)

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Back in, season one Mooncake drained all his powers. However, Gary and Mooncake are best buds! They share a genuine friendship. Gary chooses to see the good in Mooncake, and he ignores his destructive side. Furthermore, remember that beautiful scene, in episode six of season two in which Gary was willing to give everything up to save Mooncake? For sure they are solid pals!

Because of Gary’s love for Mooncake, he gained regained all his powers back. Furthermore, even though the Final Space energy is really mysterious, it doesn’t seem all that random. Probably Lord Commander is not made of Final Space like Mooncake is? Or maybe they are both insides of Final Space? 

Also, coming to Quinn, she could be possessed. Another fan theory suggests that there’s a good chance that Invictus might use Quinn to kill Ash as with Nightfall gone and Quinn back, so Ash could feel distant toward her. Nightfall sacrificed herself for Quinn and Ash hasn’t figured out how to feel about it. 

All of this is definitely leading to something even more amazing and grand! Olan Rogers has created a very distinct yet fantastic universe!

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