Had Bill Gates Predicted Coronavirus Before Any Of Us In A 2019 Netflix Documentary?

Corona Virus is a viral disease that has originated in Wuhan, China and threatens to take over the world, spreading fast to its neighbouring countries and developed countries that China has a connection with. A viral disease that can be transmitted through airborne methods, the Coronavirus has no cure as of yet. The only solution devised by scientists all over the world is to quarantine victims and patients ailing from the disease.

How To Avoid Coronavirus

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People in the purview of the disease have been advised to avoid congregating in crowded areas and to wear masks while travelling. Trains and other public modes of transport are also susceptible areas. People are advised to keep their throat moist and themselves hydrated and eat healthy food, avoiding to eat non-vegetarian food. People with weaker immune systems are especially susceptible and keeping our health up is the only way to save ourselves. But now arises the critical question: could we have predicted the disease before its inception and stopped it before it became too late?

Bill Gates’ Prediction?

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In what is now a viral clip, pun not intended, you can see Bill Gates predict that a pandemic shall strike the world, and shall have the potential to destroy the world. But the eerie part of the video? Is when he says that this pandemic is most likely to originate from a wet market in China. His predictions mimic the actual origin of the virus, in a wet market in the streets of Wuhan, China. And now, it has spread almost everywhere. Scientists are rushing to counter the effects of this virus.

If you are wondering where this clip is from, its from the info-documentary series Explained on Netflix, which covers a myriad of issues about the modern-day world and where we are headed. The particular clip is from Season 2, Episode 5 of the series and is called The Next Pandemic.

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